1.(all of a woman) plump, chubby, rotund, rounded, well-fed, well-nourished, full-blown, blooming, lusty; buxom, full-bosomed, bosomy, Inf. busty, Sl. top-heavy, Fr. avec beaucoup de monde au balcon; steatopygous, Sl. broad-beamed, Sl. broad in the beam, Sl. beamy; well-proportioned, shapely, well-shaped; with a nice or gorgeous figure, with an hourglass figure, Sl. stacked, Sl. well-stacked, Sl. built, Sl. built like a brick outhouse, curvy, Inf. curvaceous, cal-lipygian, well-rounded; voluptuous, attractive, appealing, lovely, comely, gorgeous, beautiful, sensational, Inf. sexy, seductive, provocative, suggestive, inspirational, giving a fellow ideas; stimulating, exciting, arousing, tempting.
2. appetizing, mouth-watering, juicy, delicious, ripe, well-ripened, inviting; palatable, tasty, Inf. scrumptious, Inf. yummy, delectable.

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  • zaftig — (adj.) alluringly plump, curvaceous, buxom, 1937, from Yiddish zaftik, lit. juicy, from zaft juice, from M.H.G. saft juice (see SAP (Cf. sap) (n.1)) …   Etymology dictionary

  • zaftig — [zäf′tig΄] adj. [E Yiddish zaftik, lit., juicy, succulent < zaft, juice < MHG saft, earlier saf, juice, SAP1 + ig, Y2] Slang having a full, shapely figure: said of a woman …   English World dictionary

  • zaftig — also zoftig adjective Etymology: Yiddish zaftik juicy, succulent, from zaft juice, sap, from Middle High German saf, saft, from Old High German saf more at sap Date: circa 1936 of a woman having a full rounded figure ; pleasingly plump …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • zaftig — /zahf tik, tig/, adj. Slang. 1. (of a woman) having a pleasantly plump figure. 2. full bodied; well proportioned. Also, zoftig. [1935 40; < Yiddish zaftik lit., juicy, succulent; cf. MHG saftec, deriv. of saf(t), OHG saf (G Saft) SAP1, juice] * * …   Universalium

  • zaftig — adjective /ˈzæftɪɡ,ˈzɑftɪɡ/ Of a woman, having a plump and sexually attractive figure; voluptuous, well proportioned. Syn: voluptuous, Rubenesque …   Wiktionary

  • zaftig — I (Roget s 3 Superthesaurus) a. Sl. full figured, shapely, buxom, rounded, rotund. II (Roget s Thesaurus II) (or zoftig) adjective Well rounded and full in form: chubby, plump1, plumpish, pudgy, roly poly, rotund, round, tubby. See FAT …   English dictionary for students

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  • zaftig — zaf·tig …   English syllables

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